The Z Family | Uniontown Family Photographer

I always love when I head home to Pennsylvania, but I especially loved that I was able to capture my sister’s family during this visit. I haven’t taken their pictures for two years, and it’s safe to say that things have changed a little bit as far as style and overall quality of my work. It’s almost embarrassing to dig it out, but for the sake of progress, go check out their very first session from 2014!

I had a vision for their session, so we did some scouting when I first arrived and I knew this park would be perfect! The sun was setting in the exact spot I needed and there was a creek (and if you’re from PA like I am, you are pronouncing that “crick” in your head!), which we don’t really have too many of around Virginia Beach. I really wanted to get a family in the water, and they were my perfect guinea pigs!

As the weather usually does in Fayette County, PA, the sun was supposed to shine for the day of our session, but it ended up being cloudy and completely overcast. I was definitely disappointed; if you’ve been following me, you know about my obsession with the sun, but I’m actually glad it stayed away! In my post-processing, I was able to really nail down my overcast edits, which have been bothering me for months, and now I love them just as much! And to be completely honest, I’ve had anxiety that my images would fall flat without the effect of the golden hour light, which we are so lucky to have most of the time in Virginia Beach, but I’m so happy that the emotional connection still takes center stage.

I just adore this family! Theirs is a story of faith, determination, and an immense love, and I just look up to them with so much admiration. Plus they are absolutely adorable!


Can you not see him as a teenager here? He is so handsome!virginia-beach-family-photographer_0005virginia-beach-family-photographer_0007virginia-beach-family-photographer_0011virginia-beach-family-photographer_0004virginia-beach-family-photographer_0006virginia-beach-family-photographer_0014virginia-beach-family-photographer_0018

I always claim new favorites, and this one definitely has its spot! Gah!virginia-beach-family-photographer_0013virginia-beach-family-photographer_0017virginia-beach-family-photographer_0008virginia-beach-family-photographer_0021virginia-beach-family-photographer_0020virginia-beach-family-photographer_0015virginia-beach-family-photographer_0010virginia-beach-family-photographer_0009

This! This is everything I wanted it to be, and the sun graciously peeked out just enough to give us a little bit of light on the water! Yes!virginia-beach-family-photographer_0001virginia-beach-family-photographer_0016