The R Family | Charlotte Freedom Park

I just adore this family! The last time they were in front of my camera was two years ago, which just seems crazy to me. In the name of progress, despite how embarrassing it is, here is their session from 2014!

We chatted a little that evening about how funny it is that life doesn’t fit a mold, and sometimes it’s so easy to get caught up in thinking it should. We all grew up watching our favorite television sitcoms, and it became very easy for me to fall into the idea that things should be perfect. The nuclear, biological family was such an important image to me, and what usually happens when we hold so fast to a standard of perfection is that we are shown a different version of what becomes the winning combination.

When I explain my life’s relationships, it sometimes feels humorous, and honestly in my early twenties, many times it felt frustrating and like I had failed somehow. It becomes so easy to feel less than when you’ve held an image of your life to a standard of unrealistic perfection. For some, the nuclear, biological family is a reality. But for me and my life, I was gifted with two additional daughters that I’ve been able to see grow and become amazing women. I’ve shared experiences and relationships with their mother’s, and I’ve been required to be flexible, understanding, and compassionate. It wasn’t always easy, not by a long shot, but it’s always been incredibly worthwhile, and the reward is having relationships with them and their families and the icing on the cake is capturing their memories.

The kids and I made a whirlwind trip to Charlotte to visit Marissa, and we went to Freedom Park for a family and engagement session. The evening was super hot and we only had about 45 minutes, but we worked quickly and made some magic happen!

Marissa and Shaston will get married in nineteen days! I can’t wait to be there!