Closing the Gap | Virginia Beach Newborn Photography

I have been trying to successfully pose a newborn photography session like this and shoot this angle for one year. ONE YEAR. I’ve come close before, but never enough to feel successful. I’ve been fearful of waking the sleeping baby by moving little hands and arms and flattening fingers. I’ve forgotten to get the little wrists together. I’ve mis-shot the angle. I’ve struggled with lighting.

The perfectionist in me wants to critique the small issues still very obvious to me in this image. But a louder, bolder part of me wants to simply let this success soak in. Beyond delivering Calvin’s parents a beautiful image, I am proud of persevering through the struggle, through the fear, through the learning process. The gap all creatives face when working towards refining their craft is still there, but I feel like with this image, I see it becoming ever so less of a wide, craggy chasm with a rushing river below and more of a passable stream with hop-able stepping stones.

minimal newborn photography pose with newborn boy